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Dental FAQs

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions from our patients.

What are the teeth whitening do you perform?

We have BriteSmile, Zoom and Home teeth whitening or Home bleaching.

What are the types of Crowns you use?

Our dental center uses Porcelain-fused-to-metal, Full metal and All-porcelain.

What causes tooth decay?

Tooth decay occurs when plague, the sticky substance that forms on teeth, combines with the sugars and / or starches of the foods that we eat. This combination produces acids that attack tooth enamel.

The best way to prevent tooth decay is to brush twice a day, flossing daily and have dental check up and clean every 6-8 months.

What factors contribute to the long term success of dental implants?

Long-term success depends on multiple factors. Firstly, success will depend on the quality and quantity of bone. The better the bone and the more available, the greater the chance of long-term success. Secondly, the experience and ability of the dental surgeon will be a factor. As with any surgical procedure, there is no substitute for the experience and individual talent of the dentist. And finally, the quality of the restoration placed on top of the implant will play a big role in long-term success. If the design of the implant crowns or over dentures are poorly constructed, and biting forces are not balanced, even the best-placed dental implant will have a compromised survival rate.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is dental treatment that improves the beauty and health of one’s smile.. Nearly every dental procedure has 2 elements: Aesthetics and function. Quality cosmetic dentistry takes both of these elements into consideration; so that one may rest assured they will not only look great, but enjoy hassle free long-term results.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the advanced way to straighten teeth and improve smiles. Using the latest medical imaging technologies, Invisalign manufactures precision polymer aligners that rapidly straighten teeth.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure in which the diseased or damaged pulp (central core) of a tooth is removed and the inside areas (the pulp chamber and root canals) are filled and sealed. It is the preparation before having the dental crown or bridge treatment.

What kind of dental filling your dentist use?

Our dentist uses composite filling because it contains acrylic and glass particles, no mercury used and looks natural.

Where is the Dental Center located?

Bangkok Phuket Dental Center is on the 2nd floor of Bangkok Phuket Hospital, which is located at 2/1 Hongyok Utis Road, Taladyai, Muang,
Phuket, 83000 Thailand.

Who needs to have their wisdom teeth extracted?

Anyone who is in danger of developing impacted wisdom teeth (third molars that only partially erupt or get trapped or stuck in the jaw) should have them removed so that they do not damage adjacent molars and cause other oral problems. In addition, anyone who is getting dentures should have their wisdom teeth removed.

Why do I need pin before for crown treatment?

Dental pin is needed after restoring the tooth combined with root canal treatment (RCT). It will make the foundation of the tooth stronger for the crown treatment.

Can I have dental extraction and replaced with denture?

The dentists usually advise to perform the dental extraction on the patient country at least 30 days prior to their arrival here in Phuket.

Can I have the meals after whitening treatment?

You should avoid foods & drinks with strong colours (such as coffee, red wine, curry and chocolate) and extremely hot, cold, sour foods & drinks, including smoking for 1-2 days after treatment.

How can I book for dental appointment?

Our staff will be glad to assist you to book your dental appointments in advance. Kindly inform us at least 3-4 weeks; please contact us via email at [email protected].

How can I pay my dental treatment?

You can pay your dental treatment by cash or credit card during the dental treatment.

How is gum disease treated?

Gum disease has several stages. The initial stage is called gingivitis and is an infection of the gingival (gum tissue). In this stage, gums become red, swollen, and prone to bleeding. The underlying bone is unaffected. In later stages, however, gum disease can lead to bone loss and the loosening or even loss of teeth.

How long do veneers last?

When “seated” correctly, veneers are strong and can last for many years, even a lifetime with good oral care.

How long does Implant take?

To complete treatment can take from 6 to 18 months and in some cases, longer. It should be understood that this procedure is advanced and can be a longer process than usual to assure its success. We do, however, provide patients with temporary teeth during this time frame. AT NO TIME are you without teeth unless you elect to do so.

How long does Tooth Whitening last?

Tooth Whitening should last for approximately 18 months to 3 years. The length of time depends on your eating, drinking and smoking habits: tea, coffee, red wine and smoking cause teeth to discolour more.

How long I need to stay for dental bridge?

Patient needs at least 7-10 days stay in Phuket for dental bridge and additional 5 more days if root canal is needed.

How long I need to stay for dental crowns?

Dental crowns treatment needs at least 10-14 days stay in Phuket. Also 5 more days may require, if root canal treatment (RCT) is needed.

How long I need to stay for dental implant?

The patient needs to fly back to Phuket around 2 – 4 visits for dental implant. Which to be determine by the patient panoramic x-ray. For the first trip, 10-14 days is required to stay in Phuket.

How long I need to wait for the dentist evaluation for my dental treatment?

After our staff received your dental x-ray, they will forward the file to the specialist for initial evaluation and to prepare your treatment plan. This will take for 1-2 days depending on the availability of the specialist.

How long is the procedure for deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning would take about 1-2 hours treatment, it will depend on the patient’s gums status and if is needs special gum treatment.

How long would take for wisdom tooth extraction?

It depends on the procedure and number of wisdom tooth to be extracted. e.g.
2 wisdom teeth – 2-3 hours local or general anesthetic
4 wisdom teeth – 3-4 hours local or general anesthetic

How many days needed for retainers?

The patient can have dental retainers about 5-7 days; the patient will have 2 appointments.

Tooth lost replacement?

We have several procedures for tooth replacement such as partial denture, bridge & tooth implant.

Will teeth whitening be harmful to my teeth?

No studies have shown that with normal or suggested use of teeth whitening has harmful effect on teeth. It is common for some people to have some sensitivity to the teeth whitening after the procedure. It’s usually the reaction of the patient tooth enamel from the chemicals.

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